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Rotterdam, Netherlands
Port Name Rotterdam
Local Time 19/Jun/2019 22:05
Timezone GMT +1
Sunrise Time
Official : 04:27 Nautical : 02:11
Sunset Time
Official : 21:00 Nautical : 23:16
Currency EUR
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Basic Info
Web Site NOA Chart 37243
Good Holding Ground Yes Harbor Size Large
Harbor Type River Natural Shelter Afforded Good
Anchorage Depth 12.5m - 13.7m Restriction Tide No
Restriction Swell No Restriction Ice No
Restriction Other Yes  

Tide No Cranes Fixed Yes
Cranes Mobile Yes Cranes Floating Yes
Lifts 100 Tons Plus Yes Lifts 50~100 Tons Yes
Lifts 25~49 Tons Yes Lifts 0~24 Tons Yes
Free Pra No Radio Pratique and Sanitary Inspection No
ETA Message Yes  

Tugs Assist No Tugs Salvage No
Pilotage Available Yes Compulsory No

Repair Major Ship Chandlers No
Hold Clean Facilities No Crew Change No
Grain Fitting No Log Gangs No
Lightening No Water No
Super Tank No Disel Oil Yes
Fuel Oil Yes Telephone Yes
Telegraph Yes Radio Yes
Radio Tel Yes Air Yes
Rail Yes Medical Facilities 1
Garbage Disposal 1 Dirty Ballast 1
Longshore Yes Elect Yes
Steam Yes Elect Repair Yes
Supplies Provisions Yes